The Safe & Secure World Of OK Plast!

For over two decades, OK Plast products have helped make life a lot more organized and simpler for people in Africa with manufacturing units in Nigeria , Ivory Coast & Democratic Republic of Congo. Almost every other household has our products at work and the numbers are stacking up each day as we add new products to enhance value to our customer’s lives.

Performance and dynamics blend together to create innovative solutions across a dozen important categories. As a leading and responsible manufacturer of Kitchenware, Homeware products, PET Products and Plastic furniture, OK Plast is renowned for its trendsetting and functional products.

The OKPlast Ring Of Confidence & Safety

Our Mission is to deliver high quality products at affordable prices that bring joy and satisfaction to a wide mass of Africa. OK Plast has been producing and selling the highest quality products which help build a secure ring of confidence around all aspects of use of our products.

A Year Of Diversity

We are a customer-centric company deeply focused on the needs of our customers and respond speedily to their diversified needs. With power packed pricing across categories, it is little wonder that OK Plast’s brands are today the fastest growing and among the most desirable Brands.

Our Technology

We are equipped with the state of the art machinery to produce our products to the international standards. Over the years we have strengthened our position in the industry through the installation of sophisticated machinery and continuous improvements in technology.

Our plant is well equipped with the state of the art equipment. Collectively we focus on pioneering new and innovative concepts by investing in the latest technologies available.

OK Plast - Our Brand

OK Products are backed by well-thought out marketing and advertising campaigns based on strategically sound positioning that have driven the name OK to the tip of every tongue. Today, OK Plast enjoys very high top-of-mind consumer recall and a prime spot of consumer mindspace. This, coupled with OK’s aggressive below-the-line promotional initiatives, makes sure OK stays the most asked for plastic products in Nigeria.

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